Thunderstorm 10/10 Jacket Black Edition
Thunderstorm 10/10 Jacket Black Edition
Thunderstorm 10/10 Jacket Black Edition

Thunderstorm 10/10 Jacket Black Edition

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The lightest rain jacket in the world has arrived at COMPRESSPORT®! Its minimalist design does not prevent it from being highly protective against the elements.

Compliant with UTMB regulations, the Compressport Thunderstorm 10/10 Jacket is designed for those runners wanting to race as light and fast as possible, this breathable shell is perfect mandatory race-day kit. It packs away small for easy, lightweight carrying. Its waterproof and breathable 10/10 fabric along with waterproof seams keeps the runner dry and protected when it rains. 

Fully waterproof, the Thunderstorm Jacket is constructed in an extensible fiber allowing free movements as it extends across and in length. Its ergo-fit cut suits any morphology and accompanies every movement you make without hindering your effort. Weighing less than 119g in size Large, it guarantees unparalleled comfort, while you stay dry and fresh.


  • Absolutely impermeable in the 10/10-proven fibre (10000 Schmerber/10000 RET), this jacket will keep you dry whatever be the conditions outside.

  • That same fibre completely wicks sweat and moisture away.

  • Watertight seams do not allow rain and water to get in.

  • It protects from cold on all tracks (trail, triathlon, hiking, VTT, etc).



  • The 4-way stretch technology allows the fibre to stretch crosswise and lengthwise so that you are free in any movement you make.  

  • Totally free in your movements, you will perform in total comfort.

  • Its ultra-fit cut adjusts to the body and does not allow water or air to get in.



  • Thanks to the raglan sleeves, you will be always at ease.

  • Worn over your sports apparel, it will not make you feel overdressed. So light is the jacket!

  • Its ergonomic hood protects the head and leaves the sight clear.

  • Its minimalist and ultra-fit design conveys a sporty and eye-catching look

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The water-repellent fibre wicks moisture away and evacuates sweat without absorbing it, even when excessive. No more uncomfortable, heavy, damp clothing that irritates and does not dry.



Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions.

Body Fit


BodyFit design, an adjusted and very confortable cut that makes it possible to avoid all unpleasant draughts of air.

Ergonomic zip


Diagonal zipper to facilitate fast opening & closing of your jacket while racing. It also add comfort in movement.



Perfect fit, maximising efficiency and comfort (no chafing).

Extensible Fabric


Excellent extensibility, freedom of movement thanks to this innovative fiber.