3D Thermo UltraLight LS Shirt
3D Thermo UltraLight LS Shirt

3D Thermo UltraLight LS Shirt

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The Compressport 3D Thermo UltraLight LS Shirt is a revolutionary base layer: Just 68g for performance in total freedom, while always keeping warm and dry.

Extremely light and pack-able, this long sleeve thermal layer will go un-noticed in your pack, until it is needed.

Wearers of this new innovation 3D Thermal Shirt qualify it as “second skin” that protects from the cold and the elements during winter races.


  • In this ideal thermo-regulating base layer shirt, your body will not need to fight to stay at 37°, the right temperature.
  • A 3D weave creates a thermal mattress made of ventilation channels and air cushions. Body temperature stays at 37° when in-coming cold air is thermo-regulated prior to touching the skin.
  • As thermo-regulator, it also wicks out sweat so the body does not overheat.
  • The fabric deals with keeping body temperature stable, you save energy and keep focusing on your performance.
  • Shoulders and upper body alignment are guaranteed, thanks to a spin control pad woven in the fabric.
  • The Spin control pad keeps the body straight, muscle oxygenation is optimal, making recovery easy.
  • It is ultralight and pleasant to wear. Its seamless and close-to-the-body weave gives comfort, allows total free movements and avoids irritations.